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The boundary of warehouse management is relatively clear, which can be summarized in three words: receiving, managing and delivering, “reasonable planning, scientific process, standardized operation and accurate data” to ensure that customers’ products can enter or leave the warehouse quickly. These efforts will eventually be reflected in the overseas warehouse system, with multi-platform all-channel connection, achieving inventory sharing and collaboration, realizing consistent service for overseas warehouses.

Large scale, large warehouse throughput, large revenue scale, multiple goods, multiple cargo owners, large stock, high utilization rate of unit area, high utilization rate of volume.

Good quality, receiving quality guarantee, storage quality guarantee, accurate operation, standardized operation, accurate data, error-free in inventory.

High efficiency, short delivery time of goods, fast inventory turnover, timeliness guarantee in receiving, picking, packaging and delivery, and high labour productivity.

Saving cost, low occupation cost of goods inventory, low storage cost, dead deal cost, stockout cost, distribution cost

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