Add-On Services – DH Warehousing & Fulfillment

Warehouse Add-On Services Ensure Savings In Time & Cost >>>

There will be a large amount of return and exchange demand in cross-border e-commerce business. Because it is direct mail, it can only be reissued in most cases.

DH warehouse can help sellers deal with many after-sales process, providing many add-on services in each process. We provide “personalized” and “customized” services according to customers’ real conditions, ensuring high efficiency, good quality and low cost.

Warehousing Service

Customs Clearance

Sales Support

Administrative Service

Product Photographing

Product Return

Product Destruction


Inspection and Maintenance

Import & Export Agency

Commodity Inspection

Customs & Duty Declaration

Product Classification

WEEE & Documentary Procedures

Oversea Direct Purchase

Exhibition & Consignment 

Quality Inspection 

Test & Maintenance

Return Service

Overseas Company Registration

Trademark & Brand Registration

Tax VAT Service

Legal Support

Business Reception

FBA Delivery
Order Fulfillment
Label Replacement
Destuffing & Forwarding
Last Mile Delivery