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Warehouse Label Replacement >>>

The total storage area of DH overseas warehouse in Canada reaches 70,000 square feet. We provide services such as return or replace goods, re-labeling, re-packaging and one-click shipment services.

Warehouse staff are familiar with Amazon’s return rules and warehousing rules, and will provide services strictly in accordance with the warehousing standards. The warehouse will quickly process re-labeling, packaging after receiving the customer’s instructions. The processing time is 48 hours, allowing your products to regain value and avoid the loss.

Reasons For Returning & Re-Labeling >>>

Packing Damaged

The packaging was damaged during transportation and cannot be sent to the customer as new product

Buyer Request Returning

The buyer returned the goods because of the dissatisfaction with the packaging

Goods Missing

Due to some reasons, the goods are missing, which is not in conformity with the packaging

Irregularity of Trademark

The commodity mark does not match with label or conflicts with other trademark products, resulting in re-labeling

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