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Warehouse Order Fulfillment >>>

The total storage area of DH overseas warehouse in Canada reaches 70,000 square feet. Through our professional WMS (Warehouse Management System) system and the fully connection with the major e-commerce giants, merchants can place orders by our one-stop order fulfillment system and send goods right to their warehouses and clients, which helps your B2B and B2C business succeed.

The warehouse is managed systematically, allowing customers place orders directly through corresponding SKU in the system, choose the logistics service, wait for 15 seconds and the system will automatically assign tracking numbers. The order placed by our one-stop order fulfillment system will be processed on the same day, providing a best logistics experience for the customer.

Steps of One-Stop Order Fulfillment >>>

FBA Delivery
Label Replacement
Destuffing & Forwarding
Last Mile Delivery
Add-On Services