About DH Warehousing & Fulfillment Canada


Canada 70,000 sqft
Self-Run Overseas Warehouse

DH Warehousing & Fulfilment is a self-operated warehousing company specializing in overseas warehouses in Canada. Our head office is located in Toronto, providing professional services to customers throughout Canada. Our company has 16 years of service experience, mainly providing one-stop service for cross-border e-commerce sellers, integrating professional overseas warehouse service, customs clearance service, logistics warehousing service and truck transportation service in North America, and guaranteeing to provide customers with 24-hour service throughout Canada.

Our 70,000 sqft overseas warehouse distribution centers have been established in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary, located in all major ports and commercial logistics centers in Canada, effectively saving your local logistics costs and delivery cycle.


Our Cooperation Partners

Close cooperation with international logistics companies & well-known institutions
in cross-border e-commerce industry